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James Pelham

Managing Director


Singabites is an award winning food tour company that specialises in hosting tours and events that showcase Singapore’s thriving food scene to tourists and corporate clients.

Singabites was launched as a way to solve the problem many visitors have in Singapore “What to eat and where?” Today’s travellers want to get out of the well-trodden tourist routes and into the real heart of their destination and that is what Singabites does.

Using only locally owned businesses, Singabites guarantees an authentic food experience every time. From exploring hidden gems on Little India’s back streets, to dining under the stars at a local food festival.

Since their first tour in 2015 Singabites have hosted visitors from around the world, introducing them to the real Singaporean food where real Singaporeans eat. They have also branched out into corporate entertaining, hosting food tours for MNC’s such as Deutsche bank and Google.


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