“True Love” by Sara Pope, 2016

Do you guys remember the song, “Our lips are sealed” by The Go-Go’s? Did anyone ever think they were singing “Alex the seal”? Apologies – went on a tangent…Monday madness!

It’s Monday and we’re in love with Sara Pope. Fresh from the UK we have the wonderfully lip-smacking print – ‘True Love’.

The ‘True Love’ prints were specially produced for Addicted, and it’s Sara’s first foray into Singapore. We hope to do her proud!

“Flames from the lips may be produced by holding in the mouth a sponge saturated with the purest gasoline.” – Harry Houdini

Get ready to set your walls on fire with this sexy pout!

💋 A Bit About Sara 💋

Born in Stoke-On-Trent, Sara Pope left school to study a degree in mathematics. After completing her degree, Sara soon realised that she couldn’t ignore her creative side and moved to Barcelona where she completed a course in graphic design. After several years in Spain, Sara returned to the UK and began working in magazines as a designer and art director.

Sara has always had a strong passion for shoes. This interest led to her setting up a business where she customised vintage footwear by adding her own twist. Sara was approached by avant garde fashion designer Robert Cary Williams to design a collection of shoes for his London Fashion Week show. In addition, Sara has worked with brands including Paul Smith, Lacoste, Felder and Felder and more.

Alongside her commercial work, Sara has spent time developing her art. Working in oils and acrylic, she makes use of bold, attractive colours with high shine gloss. Taking much inspiration from her commercial experience, beauty, consumerism and the media are now major themes in Sara’s art. Her painting style imitates the slickness of advertising, whilst provocatively subverting its themes. She works in series or ‘collections’, painting a body of work with common stylistic elements and colour palette, as with seasonal collections in fashion.

Sara Pope is best known for her seductive paintings and limited edition prints of big, bold and beautiful Celebrity Lips. They pack a thought-provoking pop art punch. Beneath their glamorous gloss there is a hint of disintegration, raising questions about the ideals of beauty and the transience of celebrity culture. Lips have a fascinating attraction for Sara, sexy and seductive, symbols of femininity, yet communicators of language. “Our lips can communicate a multitude of emotions, and are integral to us reading a face. Yet when colour is applied to these lips, they become powerful, sexual symbols.”

2014 saw Sara have her first international show in Florence and while in Italy she delivered her original portrait of Pope Francis to the Vatican which was accepted into the collection. This led to a stream of media attention both locally and internationally.

Sara has recently been commissioned to paint a piece based on the life story of Jenny Sealey MBE, creative director at Graeae Theatre. This piece is part of a group show with Sir Peter Blake at the Guardian Newspaper.

Sara Pope’s work is rapidly gaining attention, exhibiting with several galleries in the UK, Italy and now, Singapore.

💋 A Bit About The Print 💋

Title: True Love

Medium: Giclee, on Portrait Velvet paper, signed and hand finished with diamond dust by the artist

Edition: Artist Proof (6 available), Edition (25 available)

Year: 2016

Size: 61 x 61cm

Arty-Fact: Drawing inspiration from popular culture, True Love is part of a series from Sara Pope’s famous lip paintings – reflecting the world of consumerism through the aesthetic of fashion and media. Using bold colours and a seductive glossy finish, the lips reflect the exaggerated synthetic sweetness of the love heart candy.

💋 💋 💋

Read our lips:  have a great week everyone!
Baci (kisses in Italian)!

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For additional details, view the our website Addicted Art Gallery, published by Blair Thomson on 18 July 2016.