You know you’re in the presence of artistic greatness when an artist can freely admit to being able to recite the theme song to The Golden Girls. We are truly humbled. Sing along now – “thank you for being a friend…”

Have we peaked your interest?

Welcome to our second Artist Showcase! We are fortunate enough to be working with the super talented, Singapore-based artist “Mojoko” (Steve Lawler). Addicted has exclusively secured nine ground-breaking, thought-provoking and inspired, “No One Can Save Us” limited edition serigraphs – a collaboration with fellow artist, Eric Foenander

“The Backstory”

“No One Can Save Us” was derived from the larger-than-life Melting Superhero which was placed in front of the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) during the 2012 Future Proof exhibition.


“No One Can Save Us”, Melting Superhero by Mojoko and Eric Foenander, Future Proof, 2012
The massive figure in blue tights and a red codpiece was hard to miss and even more striking for its lack of torso and head. At first glance it was comical – this gaudy, brawny mess dripping and dissolving like a giant candle. But it didn’t take long before the message was clear – No One Can Save Us.

The artwork sums up how even our superheroes can’t prevent us from continuing to heat up the planet and destroy our own existence.

The sculpture has recently relocated to the prestigious Parc De Villette in Paris for its 2016 summer show.

“Future Proof, 2012”

Singapore Art Museum (SAM): An Interview with Mojoko

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“No One Can Save Us”
The Limited Edition Serigraphs

Each serigraph has a slight colour variation.

Edition #4/12


Arty-Fact: “I’m interested in creating art that is accessible. I like that a person on a bus could ride past my sculptures or stand in front of my artwork and understand what I’m trying to say. They know the conventions and stereotypes of the character. I can then use that knowledge to subvert and call attention to a subject.” – Mojoko


Source: “The Death of the Superhero – Who Do We Believe in Now?” by Skye Wellington, Lens & Pen Projects 

Edition #5/12


Arty-Fact: “Being born and raised in various countries has taught me to rely heavily on visual communication because of language barriers. Images transcend words, and are a great way of conveying messages and ideas.” – Mojoko

Source: “Artist Spotlight: Mojoko Shares His Inspriation, Influences and Favourite Galleries” – Harper’s Bazaar, Singapore

Edition #6/12 Page-5-Image-5

Arty-Fact: Post the Future Proof Exhibition in 2012, the larger than life sculpture was shipped to France in an open container and required a police escort. It recently moved to the the prestigious Parc De Villette in Paris for their Summer Show 2016.

Edition #7/12


Arty-Fact: “I love exploring dichotomies. Living in Asia you can see a lot of duality and I use that juxtaposition in my work: old and new, yin and yang, east and west. But things aren’t black and white. It’s the clash of these things, the grey area, that I’m trying to point out. Good versus evil is a myth of our own making.” – Mojoko

Source: “The Death of the Superhero – Who Do We Believe in Now?” by Skye Wellington, Lens & Pen Projects 

Edition #8/12


Arty-Fact: The image transcends language barriers, admonishing an outright, crucial message – the death of the superhero or the false idol, our sense of humanity and the natural world, all due to the society’s endless strive for perfection and lust for the material. From a toy or comic character, the superhero transcends its form and is used here as a metaphor for our fascination and blind faith to phenomena and objects that seem great.

Source: “Young and Talented – The Singapore Show: Future-Proof” – Artitude 


Edition #9/12 Page-9-Image-8

Arty-Fact: “MOJOKO” was derived from the CMYK subtractive colour model used in printing – C=0 M=O Y=0 K=0

Edition #10/12

Page-9-Image-9 Arty-Fact: “Things that inspire me are certainly themes from modern culture, being critical of the world and its behaviours, topics like the environment and trash culture recur often in my work.” – Mojoko

Source: “Artist Spotlight: Mojoko Shares His Inspiration, Influences and Favourite Galleries” – Harper’s Bazaar, Singapore 

Edition #11/12


Arty-Fact: “I come from a very graphic background, so it’s fair to say my work is created to have impact and is more outward talking than introspective.” – Mojoko

Source: “A ‘Pretty Grotesque’ Interview with Steve Lawler” – Singapore Tatler

Edition #12/12


Arty-Fact: “I’m a big fan of silk screen printing. It feels like you are doing proper work. It is nice to get away from the computer now and again, and get your hands dirty. I urge anyone to try it. It’s thousands of years old, and very difficult to find labs now due to the digital revolution.” – Mojoko

Source: “A ‘Pretty Grotesque’ Interview with Steve Lawler”, Singapore Tatler

Be sure to get your hands on one of these exclusive serigraphs before they go “Up! Up! And away!!”



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